Twofer From RedState: More Horowitz On Gang Bill; And A Rubio Bashing
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H/T One Old Vet

Poor Daniel Horowitz must be reeling. After supplying luminous insight yesterday as I noted in Red State's Horowitz: Gang Bill Means Ongoing Amnesty, No More Deportations he has struggled on:

I’ve spent the past 24 hours combing through the legislation, and have only successfully grasped a few parts of the bill. How are senators, who are busy with many other assignments, supposed to prepare for hearings on this disgraceful bill within 48 hours?

The Obamacare-Style Waiver Authority of Immigration Bill Nullifies Talking Points April 18th, 2013

Horowitz has come up with another crucial insight: none of the legislation’s restraints really mean anything:

As we noted earlier today, every security “goal,” precondition, and eligibility clause in the Gang of 8 bill is qualified with a waiver, exception, or exemption clause granting the Secretary of DHS authority to do what she wants…perhaps the most egregious waiver is the one that essentially allows Napolitano to waive all the eligibility standards for legal status for “humanitarian purposes, family unity, and the public interest.” Yup, that pretty much covers everything.

After diving into specimens of the legislative language (not advisable without two Asprin or a stiff drink) Horowitz surfaces on the other side to repeat

It is incontrovertibly clear that all deportations will be completely suspended for the 10 year provisional period…almost anyone can potentially be eligible for legal status. Consequently, it’s practically impossible to commence deportations, especially when this bill grants the immigration lawyers numerous opportunities to challenge any deportation. In 10 years from now, we will have more illegals than we do today. Liberals are right to suggest that this is a more progressive starting point for amnesty legislation than in 2006.

Going to check on Horowitz today led me to an excellent piece on Marco Rubio by John Hayward: We,the citizens of the United States April 18, 2013

Ann Coulter tears into Marco Rubio today, and it’s not pretty… but speaking as a longtime fan of the Senator from Florida, I have to admit I’ve been having similar thoughts lately.

(This links to If Rubio’s amnesty is so great, why is he lying? Human Events 4/17/2013)

Hayward complains

… the Rubio plan seems very long on promises to the illegal alien community, and very short on enforceable commitments to the actual citizens of the United States. The security “commitment” is such a joke that I’m starting to feel embarrassed for Rubio every time I hear him talk about it. Surely he’s aware the Administration is already quite open about its refusal to even measure border security progress, let alone submit to anything worse than a little congressional browbeating over it?  Surely he knows there is absolutely zero point zero percent chance the amnesty bandwagon will be halted because Republicans declare that border security commitments have not been met?

He then goes on to make some eminently sensible remarks:

Let’s bring this back to the essential principle so many seem to have lost sight of: law in the United States should be made for the benefit of citizens of the United States. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but there it is. There is nothing selfish, xenophobic, etc. about citizens expecting their legislators and executives to act, first and foremost, in their interest.

The citizens of the United States are not even allowed to speak clearly about illegal aliens any more; they can be called neither “illegal” nor “aliens.”

(An insult which Rubio has of course endorsed.)

Hayward concludes

I like Marco Rubio...But his immigration proposal asks the citizens of the United States to accept too many promises we know our government will not keep, and that’s before the full legislative machinery of Congress gets to work making those promises even less meaningful.

RedState’s comments are more decisive and I recommend them.They include:


I too was (means not anymore) an enthusiastic supporter of Marco Rubio and was happy to vote for him in 2010…if he continues to support this folly of immigration reform I will not vote for him again.


I, too, put that in the past tense as a former Rubio contributor. Never again would I contribute, support, or vote for this two-faced Senator from La Raza.


Rubio is making a fool of himself and our Party…He's willing to cross the aisle to work with some of the most radical liberals in the D Party and that in itself was the poison writing on the wall. Put a fork in Rubio- he's done in my book!

How I miss Larry Auster!


                                                         H/T One Old Vet

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