Two Mothers Describe the Illegal Alien Murders of Their Sons before Las Vegas Debate
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One of the more honorable and trustworthy aspects of Donald Trump is the continuing attention he has paid to crime victims of illegal aliens. No other candidate for president has given them a second glance, but Trump has met with them, given them speaking opportunities on his campaign and three parents told their stories at the Republican convention of how their sons died at the hands of illegal alien criminals.

In his convention acceptance speech, Trump remarked, “Of all my travels in this country, nothing has affected me more deeply than the time I have spent with the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our border.”

On Wednesday, two moms, Agnes Gibboney and Laura Wilkerson, whose sons were murdered by illegal aliens appeared on Fox News to remind citizens of the importance of law and borders.

Laura Wilkerson’s case is particularly disturbing because when she says her son Joshua was tortured, that’s a shorthand way of saying how brutally he was beaten to death by a fellow high school student, an illegal alien from Belize. The young killer, Hermilo Moralez, would be a perfect Obama DREAMer if he hadn’t savagely murdered his classmate and been locked up since 2010.

BRIAN KILMEADE: A critical topic during tonight’s final debate will be illegal immigration, an issue that’s important to all Americans, has not come up yet by the way in a debate, but for our next guests it’s literally life-and-death. I’m talking about Laura Wilkerson and Agnes Gibboney; both had sons killed by illegal immigrants, and have taken action in their honor. They now advocate for the families of other victims through this organization, it’s called the Remembrance Project, and they join us right now.

Laura, Agnes, thanks so much. I want to find out about your sons, but I also want to find out why you see Donald Trump is a great hope for you. Agnes?

AGNES GIBBONEY: Because he was the only one that pointed out the big issues in this country the illegal immigration which is a tremendous problem in this country. A lot of our children or family members are being slaughtered by the illegal aliens who should never be in this country.

KILMEADE: And Laura, that’s something he brought up the day he came down the escalator.

LAURA WILKERSON: Yes he did, and we’re so grateful; we’ve been pushing here trying to get the word out about really has happened for five years or so, and he got it out in about two minutes, and we are forever grateful for him to give us that voice.

KILMEADE: And then all of a sudden we find out there through through these Wikileaks that said behind closed doors that Hillary Clinton, she’d love a society with open trade and open borders. Your reaction, Agnes.

GIBBONEY: I am outraged because of open borders, my son is six feet under, because the guy that murdered my son had been previously deported, and my family legally immigrated to the United States. It took us 13 years — do it the right way.

KILMEADE: From where?

GIBBONEY: I was born in Hungary. From Hungary, we went to Brazil. So from Brazil we immigrated here, but it took us 13 years.

KILMEADE: And how was your son killed?

GIBBONEY: This gang member wanted to shoot his friend in the back. he was hiding in the backyard and my son went to visit his children and his girlfriend hadn’t gotten home so he was talking with his friend on the driveway and he came from behind and shot him and he got a bullet in his arm.

KILMEADE: And Laura tell me about what happened with Josh.

WILKERSON: Josh was at school one day and he was asked for a ride home by a classmate. We didn’t know at that time he was an illegal brought here by his parents when he was 10 years old from Belize. He wanted Josh’s truck to scrap for money, and he beat him, he strangled him, he basically tortured him, and then he beat him over the head with a closet rod, then he tied him up after death with 16 ropes or so around his neck, to his back, to his back belt loop. He then rinsed him off, rinsed the crime scene off. He carried Josh to our truck, bought two dollars worth of gas, put Joshua in the field and set him on fire.

KILMEADE: How do you get over that?

WILKERSON: You don’t; you learn to live with it every day. It’s by the grace of God that we can get up and face another day. Our strongest point is we don’t want this happen to another mother. It’s just got to quit.

KILMEADE: And now your organization’s in 28 states with sadly, with families who have gone through the same exact thing. What makes you think that Donald Trump will be someone not like many other politicians who say one thing and unable to execute once they’re in?

WILKERSON: I believe him. I believe in what he tells us and he has assured us that he will help implement a program for our families once he gets in. There are 325 places to help illegals navigate the system; there are zero for American families. We’ve got to put America first.

KILMEADE: All right. Thanks so much. Again, you’re in 28 states combining together, and you have a candidate supporting the movement.

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