Two Blood-boiling Potions from A Certain Slant of Light
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Having been distracted this week by the need to earn a living — a requirement which constantly restricts the range and content of’s output — I have only just found these two excellent posts by our old friend A Certain Slant Of Light:

Health Windows” – A Window To The World Of Taxpayer-Subsidized Healthcare For Illegals discusses the spectacle of what ACSL correctly calls ”Mexico’s fast-growing network of Consulates” blatantly inciting US-resident Mexican citizens to steal health care from the American taxpayer. Several valuable articles are cited, including a Los Angeles Times article quoting FAIR’s Ira Mehlman:

”Clearly it is a policy of the Mexican government … to get all the institutions in the U.S. to provide services to their citizens who are living here illegally.”

Mehlman said Los Angeles County, especially, should not be partnering with the consulate to provide health services. ”The county is broke, they are cutting back on services, they are closing emergency rooms, yet they are dreaming up new ways to provide benefits to illegal aliens,” he said. ”It’s lunacy.”

Also a lucid discussion of the issue from the Corruption Chronicles blog:

Mexico’s government operates programs in about a dozen American cities that refers its nationals—living in the U.S. illegally—to publicly funded health centers where they can get free medical care without being turned over to immigration authorities.

The program is called Ventanillas de Salud (Health Windows) in Spanish and its mission is to help illegal immigrants find U.S. hospitals, clinics and other government programs where they can get free services without being deported for violating federal immigration laws. has long been interested in health care costs and the way they are shunted — among other consequences it is probably the heaviest burden mass immigration places on the Middle Class via the radical reduction in the practical extent of insurance coverage available to them, a fact of which most members are generally ignorant.

Ted Kennedy’s Shadow-Dwellers Not Shy About Freebies

pivots off a human interest story in The Philadelphia Inquirer to demonstrate the massive cost of this country’s strange policy of paying foreign women to have citizenship-entitled babies here:

Undocumented women constitute 60 to 65 percent of about 3,000 prenatal patients treated at city health clinics yearly, said Kate Maus, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s director of maternal, child and family health. Eight years ago, she said, ”all of them were insured.”

ACSL goes on to present a number of articles explicating the Anchor Baby problem.

A wonderful service to his country by ACSL’s proprietor, which I would guess from experience took most of a weekend. Carlos Sanchez is right to be impressed.

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