Camel Nose Way under the Tent in San Diego
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What is it about today's education mindset that makes it unable to say NO to the most objectionable activities as long as they appear to fall into the Diversity category? In San Diego, the local Muslims have managed to open their own little madrassa on the taxpayer's tab, behind closed doors in a public school.

Say, could we have a little separation of church, er, mosque and state here?

For now, about 100 students in the Arabic language program at Carver Elementary School are finishing their first year under a daily schedule that gives them a 15-minute recess period in the afternoon, about an hour after lunch. Many of the students are Muslim and transferred from an Arabic-language charter school that folded. Carver Elementary revised its schedule so the students would have the option to pray at the specific times ordained by their religion, says attorney Brent North, who represents the school district. A teacher is present to watch the praying children but cannot lead or take part in the observance. [Public schools grapple with Muslim prayer Christian Science Monitor 7/12/07]

Former San Diego Mayor and current radio host Roger Hedgecock appeared on the O'Reilly Factor recently to blow the whistle on the Muslim infiltration scheme. Roger had interviewed a substitute teacher who reported on the situation. For one thing, the school schedule listed "pray for one hour" — the teacher mistakenly thought it should have read "play." Furthermore, the class was segregated by gender and religion—it was for Islamic girls only—illegal according to court rulings.

Bill O'Reilly also brought up the Muslim foot-washing sinks installed by the University of Michigan using taxpayer funds as an example that the San Diego case is not unique at all.

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