Two Blogs: One Intelligent, One a Clown
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(Title adapted from W.B.Yeats)

The highly intelligent Irish Blogger Hibernia Girl (see Collecting my thoughts:

I'm Irish and, like most people in the world, I happen to have a preference for my fellow people and culture. We're not a perfect group of people—not by a long shot—we have our failings like most peoples in the world. But, I like being Irish and I like the positive aspects of our "Irish-ness" and I don't want to see that disappear.)

has an interesting post consciously applying one of Alien Nation's key questions to her native land:

Supporters of current policy must explain why they wish to transform the Irish nation as it had evolved by (say) 1990....Why does Ireland have to be transformed? What have you got against it?

It has attracted some incisive comments.

As it happens, I recently spent a Sunday wandering around central Dublin. A beautiful location and packed with reminders of the rich history of this surprisingly complex nation.

It was also packed with lean, tall, dark young eastern Europeans, peaceable enough, often couples, but definitely not Irish. Since I find Irish women easy on the eye this was a disappointment.

What was the point of the long Irish struggle for independence, if the country is to be swamped?

Considerably less intelligent is a recent post on the Latino chauvinist site Eristic ragemail, which consists of an imaginary telephone conversation between the perpetrator of this blog and Peter Brimelow.

The author seems pleased with his performance, hardly surprisingly since he wrote it. And I must admit he does land an effective blow unwittingly, by presuming (judging by his spelling) that Brimelow is a Londoner. A mortal insult to a North Countryman!

But in striking what he apparently thinks a decisive blow Eristic ragemail overbalances, quoting the fictional Brimelow:

I admits that I doesn’t much like the thought of my daughter marrying an illegal anything. But my concerns is purely for the integrity of our great white ‘ardworkin’ Protestant culture is all. That is what is at issue ‘ere, and that is what is threatened by illegal immigration.

What is wrong with the imaginary Brimelow's "concerns"? And what kind of febrile egocentric mental process thinks such a thought experiment useful?


Ask Eristic ragemail

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