Twittering For The $PLC
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A bunch of tweets from, which is Al Ramirez's Twitter account, whining about's coverage of California Republican Chuck Devore:


  1. Chuck DeVore's affiliation with VDARE's racism is questionable, point of serious concern & at the least objectable for failure to disavow.
  2. Chuck DeVore tweets he loves being in Malkin's blog. Malkin VDARE writer. /writers/michelle-malkin Does DeVore love VDARE too?
  3. Type in Chuck DeVore VDARE on google search and here's what you get. VDARE seems to be a big fan of DeVore
  4. Article on, a group praising Chuck DeVore's policies Is Chuck DeVore a VDARE supporter?
  5. What's Ask DeVore. VDARE labeled a hate group but big fans of Chuck. DeVore should speak against VDARE as against Jesse Jackson.


And who is Al Ramirez ( I hadn't heard of him, myself) who is carrying water for the SPLC in a quest to damage a political opponent? Why , Mr. Ramirez is a Hispanic Republican!


For the record, Chuck Devore is not associated with in any way, except that we write about him. Michelle Malkin is a syndicated columnist.

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