Tuesday's One Old Vet Amnesty Story Collection: 21 (Drudge 0)
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H/T One Old Vet

One Old Vet again found an overload of Amnesty-related stories and posted another compendium today: the total was 21.

Many, nauseatingly, were lionizations of various turncoat GOP officials for betraying their electors. But our old friend Joe Guzzardi managed to get a powerful column Amnesty will create Democrats into the Vermont newspaper the Bennington Banner (February 13 2013).

Not a shred of tangible evidence exists to support the widely made claim that if the GOP supports a broad amnesty, they'll gain Hispanic voters.

The reverse is true. Hispanics are a natural Democratic constituency. According to Census Bureau data, of U.S.-born Hispanic households that have children, 50 percent are headed by unmarried women (compared to 29 percent of U.S.-born whites), 40 percent use one or more major welfare program (U.S.-born whites: 19 percent) and 45 percent have no federal income-tax liability (U.S.-born whites: 29 percent)….

Simply stated, Hispanics are a natural, big government, liberal constituency. … a recent Pew Hispanic Center report found that the more Hispanic immigrants admitted, the more Democratic voters created…Pew wrote that U.S.-born children of Hispanic immigrants… are more likely than their parents to identify themselves as Democrats…. second generation Americans maintain strong ties to their Mexican and Asian cultural heritage. By the time they have completed their high school and college educations, they view themselves as liberal and on social issues considerably to the left of their parents.

Joe was likely able to get this placed because the political class in Vermont is fanatically pro open-borders and probably liked his conclusions.

Drudge has no (0) Amnesty stories this afternoon. The important Many African-Americans concerned about Obama’s focus on immigrant rights which I noted yesterday was taken down before Noon today after some 18 hours. That is a short lifespan by Drudge standards if the story is considered strong (which it certainly was).

The plan is clear: minimal coverage. The conservative-minded readers who frequent Drudge are to be kept uninformed.

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