Tucker Carlson Examines Bernie’s Support for Extreme Open Borders Ideology
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A lot of political pundits remark about candidate Bernie Sanders that at least he’s the same Vermont socialist he has been for the last 30 years.

But that assessment is not true. Bernie has flipped over to the side of the deep-state globalists who think borders and national sovereignty are obsolete and need to go. He once supported American workers and understood that excessive immigration drove down wages.

No longer. He has succumbed to the open-borders insanity of the left including free healthcare and college for the invaders. Bernie has also embraced the scary-bad New Way Forward Act that threatens the basic law and order we all expect.

In 2015, he objected to open borders as “a Koch brothers proposal” but the senator is all the way there now.

Democrats used to be represent American working people, but dropped that allegiance when the party discovered that immigrants, particularly Hispanics, were more dependable big-government voters than picky citizens.

Under Bernie’s generous plan, why wouldn’t a hundred million foreigners come? Or a billion? Unlimited free stuff from the most desirable nation on earth would be irresistible.

Not to mention the money-making opportunities in a wide open America for drug cartels and other criminal enterprises from abroad.

On Thursday Tucker Carlson examined Bernie’s embrace of extreme open borders:

However, Tucker did not speculate on why Bernie switched to the dark side.

TUCKER CARLSON: All of a sudden, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the frontrunner in the Democratic race. As of tonight, Sanders has by far the best chance in the whole Democratic Party of getting the nomination. So how should you feel about that?

Well if you’re conservative, it’s probably a little hard to take the whole thing seriously. For one thing it seemed to come out of nowhere — nobody expected it, nobody on TV warned you it was gonna happen.

For another thing, Sanders isn’t half as gut-level offensive as someone like say Elizabeth Warren. Unlike Warren, Sanders is obviously sincere about what he believes; he means it.

He’s got the right enemies too. CNN appears to hate Bernie Sanders every bit as much as they hate Donald Trump. That’s a plus, and unlike everyone else on the left Sanders talks mostly about economics rather than Putin and non-binary bathrooms. And it’s refreshing to hear someone focus on things that matter for once. Plus it’s not like Sanders is gonna win the presidency. You keep hearing people on both sides saying there is no possibility, no chance in the world that Bernie Sanders will get elected president in November, and that sounds right basically.

The guy calls himself a socialist — come on now, this is America. That’s what we’re telling ourselves, but are we absolutely sure that that’s true? But ask yourself this — who was the last candidate they told you on television could never ever win? — oh yeah, the current president. So ignore the people on TV. They’re morons, they lack wisdom, they lack imagination, they’re almost always wrong about everything.

Of course Bernie Sanders could win the general election. A year from now we could be in the first months of a Bernie Sanders administration, and this would be a completely different country. What kind of country would it be?

Well tonight we’re beginning a series on Bernie Sanders’ America. We take Sanders seriously; we think you should take him seriously too.

So we’re starting tonight with Sanders’ views on immigration. It’s a topic that affects this country on every level. For decades Sanders had what would now be considered conservative views on immigration: he cared about higher wages for workers — that was his issue.

Mass immigration lowers wages, so Sanders was against it. It’s that simple. Then Sanders ran for president and his views changed completely. Now Sanders is as radical on immigration as anyone else in the race.

For example, he’s come out against virtually all deportations — all. Watch:

SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS: A moratorium on deportations for the 99 percent of the people is nothing to be cynical about. I think that is a significant step forward, and the undocumented community would be very proud of that.

CARLSON: Ending 99 percent of deportations to please the undocumented community. You should know that that number includes violent felons. Sanders went on to say only if an illegal alien commits a quote terrible terrible crime — only then, Sanders quote might consider deporting that person — might.

Now Sanders wouldn’t have to change any laws to do this; he could simply order federal authorities to stop deportations. He could do that day one, and that’s his plan. Imagine what that would mean for this country — foreign nationals commit crimes, and we can’t send them home.

But Sanders wouldn’t stop there. He’s planning to unilaterally enact many pieces of the New Way Forward act — that’s the lunatic piece of legislation we’ve covered on the show extensively. It’s designed to protect criminal aliens — that’s the point of it.

Sanders has pledged to end the ban on deported criminals re-entering the United States. Why is that a good idea? He’s pledged to eliminate expedited removal — that’s the policy that allows obvious illegal aliens to be kicked out of the country swiftly. Over.

He’s promised to give discretion to immigration judges so they can protect any illegal aliens who somehow beat the odds and face actual deportation. Sanders has also vowed to end all workplace immigration raids so that big business will be able to rely on illegal immigrant labor with impunity.

That’s something he spent 30 years attacking — now he’s for it, and ending those immigration raids will be easy since Sanders is planning to abolish ICE.

SANDERS: On day one, through an executive order, we will repeal all of Trump’s racist immigration executive orders. We will end the ICE raids that are terrorizing communities all across America.

CARLSON: Of course businesses will have to import more of that illegal exploited labor that Sanders is suddenly for because Sanders is also promising an amnesty for all current illegal aliens in this country. That’s more than 22 million people.

Of course that’s a move that will change the electoral balance in this country permanently — forever — and that’s the real point, needless to say.

Bringing in new illegal workers won’t be difficult: Sanders plans to decriminalize the illegal border crossings and abolish the Border Patrol.

What is this? This is what radical open borders policy looks like. Sanders is arguing that everyone on earth has the effective right to come to this country anytime and receive the benefits of citizenship.

In the Sanders administration, those benefits would include but will not be limited to free college, free healthcare, and full eligibility for food stamps and welfare.

Now we’re not making this up for partisan reasons or to slam Bernie Sanders because suddenly it looks like he’s gonna become the nominee. This has been out there the whole time, no one’s mentioning it, but it’s all on tape. Sanders brags about all of it. Watch:

SANDERS: I believe that healthcare is a human right.

QUESTIONER: Senator, would you include the 11 million undocumented?

SANDERS: Absolutely. When I talk about healthcare being a human right — last time I heard that undocumented people are human beings as well. We need the best educated population in the world: that means we’re going to make our public colleges and universities tuition-free and open that to the undocumented as well.

CARLSON: So why isn’t anybody talking about this? People are jumping up and down on both sides on television because Sanders praised Fidel Castro, because Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist — that’s bad, there’s no doubt. But is it worse than what he believes on policy? It’s not even close.

You know what’s way worse than anything he’s ever said about Fidel Castro? His belief, his argument that anyone on the planet who sneaks into the United States should get free healthcare and free college tuition. That’s the case he’s making.

So here’s the obvious question — what would that do to our medical system and our universities? How long before they collapse? Not long.

These are some of the best things in our country, what we brag about — gone. How do we pay for all of this, by the way? And if it’s such a great idea, why is no other nation considering doing it? Why has no other nation ever done this?

Sanders has no answers for those questions, the most basic questions, and in fact becomes angry if you ask him. He clearly doesn’t care about the consequences of his plans.

Why? There’s really only one possible answer — because he doesn’t care about the United States or its future. It’s obvious that Sanders hates the country he seeks to lead; there’s no other explanation for it, and that is a very dangerous quality in a president.

The show will continue to bring you a series on what life would be like under a Bernie Sanders administration because there’s a lot there, and none of it’s gotten attention. It’s more than just praising Castro — trust us.

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