Trump Trashing Jeff Sessions Portends Danger Ahead
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President Trump has been on a Twitter and verbal tirade against Attorney General Jeff Sessions the last few days — as if dumping the AG would solve the president’s problems with the Mueller snooping expedition. It’s sad to see such anger toward one of candidate Trump’s earliest and most enthusiastic supporters.

Tucker Carlson declared on his Tuesday show that it would be “Nuts” for Trump to ditch the one man in Washington who fully supports his program of law and sovereignty. But it’s worse than that — throwing Jeff Sessions under the bus might make Trump’s vital immigration enforcement constituency take a more critical look at what the president has actually done.

Candidate Trump promised to end the DACA amnesty immediately, but instead has allowed the program to continue and add new beneficiaries who get work permits and an open door to everything America offers.

Plus, there’s been no push from the White House to get universal e-Verify through the Congress which, as a comprehensive job blocker for illegal aliens, would be a very strong preventative for unlawful entry.

Trump’s immigration enforcement failures seem more egregious in light of his rotten treatment of Jeff Sessions. And would the loss of Sessions signal a flip-flop of Trump toward mass amnesty in the near future? The establishment might cut the president more slack if he accepted the globalist agenda of open borders and diminished national sovereignty. It’s hard to trust Trump when he can cut the strongest immigration enforcer in Washington.

TUCKER CARLSON: (1:20) Unfair to the presidency. Well the Russian investigation is certainly that — it’s unfair of the country too. The whole thing is stupid and disingenuous, as we pointed out many times, and it helps nobody that the partisans who are pushing it, so it’s easy to understand the frustration the president feels. But publicly attacking Jeff Sessions for all of that? That is nuts.

Senior White House staff thinks so too. They have asked the president to stop, so far without success. Meanwhile Sessions hasn’t said a word: his only public comment has been a press release describing his plans to crack down on sanctuary cities. That’s his job.

That’s the point here. Jeff Sessions is doing what he was hired to do, as he has done since day one. Trump ran on securing the borders: Sessions took him seriously and has worked to do that. Trump promised to end Obama’s policy of harassing local police departments: Sessions has done that too.

In an administration in which many appointees act like they have no idea what their boss ran on — ‘let’s import more refugees’ one of them said the other day — to predictable media applause, Jeff Sessions has stayed true to the ideas that got Trump elected. That’s why the left hates Jeff Sessions more than any other member of the cabinet. They are rejoicing tonight and not just because Sessions is suffering and humiliated but because the Trump coalition seems to be fracturing.

The left wants to believe — they tell you this all the time — that Trump got elected because he’s famous and voters are dumb. But that’s not what happened.

Trump got elected because he said true things that everybody else was afraid to say — namely, the American middle class is in deep trouble and elites in both parties don’t care. They’re happy to replace hurting Americans with foreign workers who will work for less and not complain. Voters knew in their bones that message was true because it is true.

Republicans in Washington absolutely hated hearing that, and they hated Trump for saying it because it implicated them — except for Jeff Sessions. Sessions agreed with that message — that’s why he endorsed Trump and left a good job in the Senate to work for him. Which is how we got to this weird and ominous moment where the one guy in Washington who actually believes in Trumpism is being forced out of his job by Trump himself. The president should remember that the ideas he ran on are bigger than he is and will remain that way.

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