Trump Speaks Out Against NYAG Letitia James' Lawfare—Which She's Also Waging Against
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Earlier: NY Attorney General Letitia James’s Legal Lynching Of Moving Forward (With Help From REASON Magazine)

After talking about the phony charges by Alvin Bragg, Trump speaks out at 13:16 (Click here) against the phony lawsuit by another ”racist in reverse” (i.e., anti-white racist) NY Attorney General Letitia James, who ran on a platform of harassing Trump.

Lastly, I’m under investigation. This time a  civil investigation by another racist in reverse,

Who also campaigned on “I will get Trump—I will get him” this was a campaign—never ran for office. “I will get him!”

Her name is Letitia James and she proclaimed while campaigning quote “I look forward to going into the office of the Attorney General every single day suing him and then going home.” Before she knew me, she announced “What is fueling my soul right now is Trump” and that she had her “eyes on Trump Tower”—those eyes are  focused on Trump tower.

Didn’t know the young lady—she even assured her in an election promise that “we’re going to definitely sue him we’re going to be a real pain in the ass. He’s going to know my name personally.”

And then she claimed that I was an illegitimate President—think of that—with all we did on energy,  with all we did on the military are taxes because tax cuts in history, biggest regulation cuts in history, right to try people able to get drugs now that aren’t approved.

Letitia James called to use every area of the law to quote ”investigate President Trump and his business transactions,” those transactions are going to be investigated, she said, and that of her family and his family, because we’re going after his family, and we’re going after them hard.

This is all before entering office and all before knowing anything at all about me, but you’re gonna get me.

This is why, along with unrelenting crime, so many people and  companies are leaving New York.

Emphasis added. We know what Trump means. Of course, if you’re a non-profit incorporated in New York State for historic reasons (like and you want to move out of it, you need permission... from the Attorney General, who is pursuing us for apparently the same reasons she has been attacking President Trump for years.

We will be publishing more on Letitia James’ lawfare against us soon.

Meanwhile, please give to our Legal Defense Fund here. Trump can afford this, we can’t.

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