Trump's Latest Triumph: Making It Appropriate to Worry About the African Overpopulation Crisis
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Not only is Trump completing the system of German idealism that Kant couldn’t, but Trump has finally made it appropriate for nice white people to worry about the World’s Most Important Graph.

You see, as long as you can Blame Trump for Africa’s burgeoning billions, it’s not racist to think white people ought to do more to keep Africans from having so many babies.

From the Toronto Globe and Mail:

Trump’s aid cuts risk pushing African women ‘into the Dark Ages,’ spelling trouble for rising world population

Africa’s staggering growth is fuelling a global migration crisis and keeping millions in poverty and constant pregnancy. But Washington is cutting support for family planning programs, while Ottawa is ramping it up. In Benin, Geoffrey York takes a look at the African women whose futures are at stake

Here’s the Toronto broadsheet’s version of my graph

Screenshot 2017-04-17 19.32.56


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