Trump Puts Refugee Racket On Hold With A Pen And A Phone
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The New York Times has a story saying Trump’s Immigration Ban Blocks Travelers At Airports Around Globe, By Michael D. Shear And Nicholas Kulish, January 28, 2017.

They say that like it's a bad thing. They have a couple of sob stories about deserving cases detained, one of them named Alshawi. I can't find, anywhere in that particular story, the fact that the Mr. Alshawi who is being kept separate from his wife and children who are living in Houston, has been living in Sweden.He's a refugee from Iraq. [Refugees Detained at U.S. Airports; Trump Immigration Order Is Challenged , Pittsburgh Post Gazette, January 28, 2017]

If  his family haven't seen him for three years, why don't they go to Sweden? There are regular flights to Stockholm, they have a welfare reunification! There's a  lot of "liberals losing it over Trump keeping his promises."

At, blogger Hognose (an ex-Special Forces sergeant) is blogging on this from the point of view of someone who's on the American side.

Breaking: Today’s “Refugees” Being Detained
A surge of “refugee” claimants flocking to the United States and planning to arrive today or later are in for an unpleasant surprise: lock-up and a ticket home. The Obama Administration had promised free admission to anyone claiming to be a “refugee,” especially moslems, but the Trump Administration has reversed that policy — All Astern Full.
Federal agencies are scrambling to show President Trump that they can and will comply with his executive orders. In the case of the “extreme vetting” order that pauses new migration from citizens of seven war-torn or terror-sponsoring Middle East and African nations, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are starting today. Their managers have given a heads-up to other affected agencies.
The CBP plan is to detain all travelers from these seven countries that are traveling on:
  1. a first-time immigrant visa;
  2. a non-immigrant visa (such as H1B workers, or M1 students); or,
  3. an application for refugee status.
These travelers will be denied entry to the United States and returned to their nations of origin; until they can be returned they will be detained, not release with a “not-likely slip” for a later appearance.
This is not deportation (of a previously admitted immigrant or traveler) or removal (of an illegal alien), procedures that give the individual extensive rights to contest the action in court. It’s denial of entry, and the denied person can’t get his foot in the courthouse door. [Read the whole thing]

And all this happened because unlike Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, or failed Presidential candidate Hillary, President Trump is himself on the American side.

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