Trump Practices Divide and Rule Upon Minorities Rather Than Unite and Submit
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From Slate:

How Trump Sucks Up to Minorities

By scaring them about other minorities.

By William Saletan

Donald Trump says he loves minorities. “Nothing means more to me than working to make our party the home of the African-American vote,” he told a white crowd in Iowa over the weekend. As evidence, he cited “what’s been happening over the last two weeks and three weeks with me”—a series of speeches in which Trump, according to himself, has been reaching out to blacks and Hispanics.

I’ve watched these speeches. They’re a perfect encapsulation of who Trump is. While mouthing platitudes about inclusiveness, he systematically courts certain minorities—or, rather, courts white voters who are skittish about supporting a racist—by pledging to protect them from other minorities. Even when he poses as the candidate of love and unity, Trump reveals himself as the candidate of hostility and division.

In contrast, a good, moral white person like Hillary unites all minorities by telling them to hate white people. Sure, black, Hispanics, Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, and American Indians might not have much in common, but they can all unite around hating white people.

But of course Hillary is a white person, so she doesn’t mean white people, she means white men.

Actually, let’s refine it to straight white men. And if they wear dresses, they’re on the good team too.

Really, what we are talking about are cisgender straight white male swimmers like Brock Turner, Ryan Lochte, and Haven Monahan.

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