"Merkel Pivots On Deportation" I.E. Lies Again, Just As In 2010
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H/T Pic Breitbart

I am afraid our friend Steve Sailer is guilty of careless workmanship again in his blog this evening Politician Pivots on Deportation (Not Trump, Merkel!)

Merkel behaving like this is standard procedure. This was well documented in 2010:  Merkel negative on Multiculturalism: Vanishing American negative on Merkel which from the perspective of 6 years says all that needs to be said. She is proficient in pretending to defend her fellow Countrymen against immivasion while being paid off to facilitate the process: much like Southern Democrats betraying their voters in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

I had been under the impression that Vanishing American had shut down: but this seems not to be the case anymore.

That is great news.

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