Trump Needs To Pressure Countries Like Cambodia To Take Back Their Citizens
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Well, catch-and-release is back under President Trump.  Instead of telling the Cambodian government that they will accept the deportation of their undesirable criminal citizen Sreynuon Lunn, the Trump Administration and Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas D. Homan, rolled right over for the ACLU after they claimed Lunn should be released to continue his life of crime.
A man at the center of an immigrants-rights case that was heard by the state Supreme Judicial Court in April has been released from federal custody after civil liberties advocates challenged his prolonged detention for immigration violations.

Sreynuon Lunn, 32, who was born to Cambodian parents in a refugee camp in Thailand, had been in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement since Feb. 6 as authorities tried to deport him to Cambodia.

[Immigrant Who Can’t Be Deported To Cambodia Released From Detention, by Milton Valencia, Boston Globe, May 24, 2017]

Cambodia claims that Lunn is not a citizen of Cambodia (The Kingdom of Kampuchea).

Cambodian officials do not consider him a citizen of that country and will not allow him to enter.

Thai officials say he is not a citizen of their country, either, because he was born in a refugee camp, which left Lunn in limbo in federal custody as the authorities sought to obtain travel documents for him.

According to Cambodian nationality law, that is not correct.  Cambodia practices the legal principle of jus sanguinis in the transfer of nationality; to wit, a person born abroad to one Cambodian parent is a Cambodian citizen.

Chapter II

Khmer Nationality/Citizenship By Birth

Article 4:

1.Shall obtain Khmer nationality/citizenship regardless of the place of birth for:

-any legitimate child who is born from a parent ( a mother or father) who has Khmer nationality/ citizenship , or

-any illegitimate child who is born from and recognized by a parent (a mother or father) who has Khmer nationality, or

-any child who is not recognized by the mother and father (parents), when upon the court passed a judgement stating that such child was really born from a parent (a mother or father) who has Khmer nationality/citizenship,

[Law On Nationality, RefWorld, UNHCR]

So, the real issue is that the United States is not enforcing its will on the puny Kingdom of Cambodia, and there is no reason not to, as Cambodia is the stalking horse for Red China in South East Asia, constantly doing Red China's business in that area, interfering with appropriate self-defense measures against the Red Menace.

Time to put Lunn on a plane to Cambodia.  If the Cambodians refuse his entry, then halt the issuance of all visas, non-immigrant and immigrant, if necessary.  Cambodians would revolt, as most are seeking to come to the United States in some manner or other.


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