Trump Looks To Make Immigration His 11th Hour Priority
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Previously: Trump May FINALLY Scrap Birthright Citizenship

President Trump’s second term chances remain in doubt, but he at least appears committed to one final push to make immigration policy serve Americans first.

“Now, the focus is on putting a bind on President-elect Joe Biden, making it harder for him to reverse these politically fraught issues, according to half a dozen people familiar with the changes,” Politico reported this week. [Behind Trump’s final push to limit immigration, by Anita Kumar, Politico, November 30, 2020].

“What they're doing through the transition is working their way down their list of items to minimize immigration to the U.S.,” Ali Noorani, [Tweet him] executive director of the treasonous National Immigration Forum,  told Politico. “The Trump administration has been widely effective in terms of grinding our immigration system to a halt.”

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This all sounds very promising. So what is the admin planning to do?

The biggest proposal is scrapping birthright citizenship. Politico says aides have urged Trump to issue an executive order to end this terrible policy, but one source told the outlet that the idea is no longer being considered. Sources tell that the idea is still on the table, however.

The other ideas include increasing citizenship requirements and toughening H-1B regulations:

On Nov. 13, the administration announced that starting next month, the citizenship test would include more questions about American history and politics. The revised questionnaire, which received some criticism, will increase from 100 to 128 questions.

Four days later, the administration said it would also give federal officials more discretion in approving an immigration application through updates to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Policy Manual. The changes will provide officers with an expanded list of positive and negative factors they can use to either accept or reject applicants…

USCIS Deputy Director for Policy Joseph Edlow said authorizing work permits to those immigrants “undermines the rule of law and weakens DHS enforcement and removal operations.”

The administration is also trying to push through some even more restrictions to the H-1B high-skilled worker visa program, which it says U.S. employers are abusing to replace American workers with cheaper foreign labor.

The update would reduce the types of jobs foreign workers can apply for, while also requiring employers to pay foreign workers more — changes the administration predicted would affect at least a third of H-1B petitions. It also wants to abandon the normal random lottery selection process for the visas, instead prioritizing visa slots for employers offering the highest-paid positions.

Additionally, NumbersUSA and other immigration patriots are urging the administration to limit work permits for foreign students.

No matter what happens, the admin wants to make it even more difficult for a President Biden to liberalize our immigration policies and secure Trump’s legacy as an immigration hawk. It would be massive progress if the president scraps birthright citizenship, which regardless of what Biden does, would push the issue to the center of American political discourse.

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