Trump Goes There: Uses “C” And “M” Words In Vow To End Biden’s “Equity” Order
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POTUS 45 Trump has added another of Traitor Joe Biden’s crazed orders and policies to the hit list of those he will rescind or reverse if he’s re-elected next year. In January, Trump promised to rid the federal Education Department of woke leftists and stop federal funding for public schools that push “gender” ideology or Critical Race Theory. Yesterday, he said he would deep-six Biden’s executive order to push “equity” ideology into federal agencies, which has turned the government into a woke clown show. Even better, he repeatedly called the order what it is… Marxist and communist.

Joe Biden recently signed a very sinister executive order mandating that almost every federal department and agency establish a Marxist ’equity’… enforcement squad to implement a woke takeover of the entire federal government,” Trump began in his latest campaign video. “Every institution in America is under attack from this Marxist concept of ’equity.’”

Then he continued with these gems:

  • Instead of treating everyone equally, making decisions based on merit or qualifications, “equity” means that benefits are awarded and policies are enforced based on skin color and sexual identity.
  • Biden is weaponizing every tool of government power to push this racism and this Communism and Marxism, or whatever you want to call it. … [F]reedom and equality under the law are absolutely DEAD.
  • I will revoke this executive order on my first day back in office.
  • I will instruct the Department of Justice to make clear that any such discrimination is completely and totally illegal, and to investigate the unlawful domination and discrimination and civil right abuses carried out by the Biden administration.
  • I will immediately terminate all staffers hired to implement this policy, and eliminate all offices and initiatives connected to it.
  • I will create a special team to rapidly review every action taken by federal agencies under Biden’s “equity” agenda that will need to be reversed. We will reverse almost all of them. Maybe, in fact, all of them.
  • I will get this extremism out of the White House, out of the military, out of the Justice Department, and out of our government. We don’t want it in our country.

And those Americans whom Biden’s “equity” harmed, mostly white of course, will collect reparations.

Like Trump’s 3-minute 16-second talk, the release at his website repeatedly uses Marxism, Marxist, and/or communism to describe Biden’s order [Agenda47: Eradicating Joe Biden’s Sinister “Equity” Executive Order That Has Led to the Woke Takeover of the U.S. Government,, March 2, 2023].

Again, Trump must add closing the border and restricting immigration to these hard-hitting statements. He has the chance in his speech to CPAC tomorrow.

As for now, his latest two statements are encouraging. Whether he can reverse the damage Biden has done is uncertain. But it appears he will at least try if the Historic American Nation, meaning white voters who still hold a majority, reelects him.

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