Trump at CPAC on Immigration and Demographics
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The current candidates most likely to run in the Republican presidential primaries don't look too dependable on the National Question. Rand Paul, for example, at one time looked promising but now seems to have become another pandering multiculturalism booster.

The failings of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) have been reported here at VDARE.COM, and it is disappointing. Nevertheless, a speech there by billionaire Donald Trump had some interesting observations. Could Trump be a candidate in 2016?

At CPAC, Trump discussed the national debt:

Our country is in serious, serious trouble. We owe $17 trillion on debt. How do you pay off $17 trillion? No-one ever heard the expression a number of years ago — the word 'trillion.' We have debt that's beyond belief. We have deficits that nobody can even comprehend.

On borders:

You have a border, you have a country — and if you don't have a border, what do you have? … Nothing.

Trump pointed out the political-demographic problem with immigration:

As a conservative Republican, you will not get any of those votes, no matter what you do. … You're not going to get the votes. With immigration, you better be smart, you better be tough — and they're taking your jobs, and you'd better be careful.

Trump Wows CPAC: Says Putin 'Toying With Obama' Todd Beamon, Newsmax, March 6, 2014

Trump's "Trump Card" is his great wealth, which gives him the freedom to be independent and not beholden to the financiers of "Conservatism, Inc." Trump could run for the Republican nomination. At the same time, his wealth and fame might allow him to run an independent candidacy and even start a third party.

I'd like to see Trump sharpen his focus on the National Question and come right out for a legal immigration cutoff. That could be a winning strategy.

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