"Troubled" Berlin Attacker Was Seeking "Better Life"—In The US, The MSM Says These Guys Are Seeking The American Dream
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Someone Tweeted this:

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This is actually an AP story filed by AP writer Bouazza Ben Bouazza in Tunisia.

Troubled Berlin attack suspect sought better life in Europe

By Bouazza Ben Bouazza, AP December 22, 2016

Lots of MSM outlets went with the same headline—including Fox.

When an immigrant terrorist strikes in the US, what they talk about is his "American Dream"—its sick. Some examples:

Steve Sailer had some thoughts on the last one:
Have you noticed how immigrants and/or Hispanics have become inseparable in the media mind from the cant phrase “the American dream,” even when the implications are disastrous...? ... Q. What are they thinking?

A. I don't think they are thinking. They can't help themselves. The whole American Dream / Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor / Nation of Immigrants / Statue of Liberty thing has just become a Pavlovian reflex.

By the way, when did “American Dream” become a euphemism for “immigrant/ethnic?”

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