Treason Lobby Siciliano's U.S. Worker insult challenged
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The website Keep America At Work saw my Sunday blog Matloff’s Siciliano: Prot?©g?© of the Treason Lobby and took immediate action:

An open letter to Dan Siciliano of Stanford Law School

I did what any red blooded American would do and I immediately sent him this challenge

You put together a team of highly skilled H1-B’s and I will put together a team of displaced American’s, many without a degree, but with years of experience and we’ll jointly develop a software solution that will single handedly give the IRS and the BLS (Dept of Labor) accurate verifiable data that we can use to steer this great country called America instead of the insane sampling methodology that they currently utilize and we will see which team does a better job.

(This of course was in response to Siciliano’s assertion to CNBC

”Frankly, we do not have sufficient talent at the cutting edge technology level…The H-1Bs…are oftentimes folks who have recently acquired their skills in advanced engineering programs and they bring to the companies that they work for the chance of building larger teams”

Firing Foreign Workers CNBC March 6 2009 @2.39 — 3.11 )

Way to go, KAAW! Demand Siciliano respond.

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