"Transformers: Dark of the Moon"
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In my Taki's Magazine column, I review Transformers: Dark of the Moon:
I had long wondered why critics loathe the Transformers movies about giant alien robots more than they hate any other summer blockbuster series.
On the other hand, I'd never wondered enough to see one. Unlike reviewers who have to watch every movie that comes out, my policy is: If it sounds stupid, don't go.
The Transformers were a 1980s Hasbro line of toys for little boys: robots that convert into cars. That a lot of big boys are excited to see these films says more about 21st-century audiences than about the series. If the audience for childish subjects has grown, which it has, how much of that is the fault of director Michael Bay and how much of elites encouraging mass uneducated immigration?
Last weekend, however, there wasn't anything better opening, and I was looking forward to the robots demolishing Chicago, a city of which I'm quite fond.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third in Bay's franchise, turns out to be ...
Read the whole thing there.
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