Total Victory in the Senate...But Don't Get Comfortable
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Yesterday, the Senate removed the H2B temporary worker increase off the Iraq Supplemental Bill , after they had already removed the AgJobs amnesty and increase in legal immigration earlier in the week.

This demonstrates that the grassroots movement against amnesty is still alive and well. This is not the ”techno populist victory” where "bloggers picked apart the bill [and] talk-radio-show hosts broadcast its flaws” that Rich Lowry purported was responsible for stopping amnesty last year.

As I said previously, I didn’t hear more than a peep from most of the Conservative Press (Human Events a notable exception.) most of the non-immigration related conservative blogs, and talk radio show hosts. They were all too busy cheerleading John McCain. (To their credit, National Review had one blog post)

Instead, it was groups like Numbers USA whose members sent more faxes to congress than they did during the ”comprehensive” amnesty. It is also satisfying that we were able to remove the increases in legal and temporary immigration that many of the "techno populists" aren't concerned with.

Nonetheless, we shouldn’t get too comfortable. No one really expected the open borders politicians to stoop so low. A month ago, no one would have said ”well it will be a victory if there is no amnesty before June.” Our opponents only need once, and this shows that they are not letting up. I’ve been told that part of the reason that the immigration measures were pulled had nothing to do with constituent outrage, but due to internal bickering over procedure. Next time, they’ll have their bases covered.

So enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend knowing we have once again averted disaster, but remember to stay eternally vigilant.

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