Partial victory in the Senate
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As previously reported on VDARE the latest Iraq funding bill had provisions that would grant a floating amnesty to over a million agricultural worker as well as increases in both temporary and permanent legal immigration.

None of this, of course, has anything to do with the war in Iraq. There has been very little attention given to this outrage in the mainstream and much of the conservative press. (Human Events being the notable exception) and despite the relative lack of attention given to the issue by the mainstream and much of the conservative press, groups like Numbers USA helped create at least a mini-outrage over the mini-amnesty.

This morning, Harry Reid stripped the amnesty and the increases in legal immigration. The worst has been stopped, but it would be a pretty bittersweet victory if there are still increases in H2B visas.

We can be proud over how many times we stopped amnesty, but we need to remember that they only need to win once.

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