Tony Snow on Immigration: How high?
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Now that we are going to be seeing all too much of Tony Snow, the new White House Press Secretary, one might ask where does he stand on the key domestic issue of the day: mass unassimilating immigration?

The answer, unsurprisingly: exactly where his NeoConservative masters order him to.

In a March 31 column posted on Immigration debate needs common sense, Snow produced what reads like a parody of the NeoConservative position (maybe he had to practice). Opponents of Immigration are “neo-Know Nothings” (Know-Nothings, the political movement of the 1850s whose concerns about the heavy influx of immigrants in the 1840s were alleviated when that flow spontaneously stopped, seem to be regarded by neocons as a diabolical species of Cossack.) Problems arising from immigration are bushed aside

Skeptics counter that immigrants have clogged our hospitals, which is true — but primarily in places that offer lavish benefits to illegal immigrants

The Border States offer lavish benefits? Hospital access is a matter of Federally-ordered mandate. And all Americans pay the redistributed costs, via higher medical bills, health insurance cut backs, and taxes.

Alternatively, Snow employs a squall of quibbles about crime rates, apparently thinking that because

for instance, that the Latino homicide rate in Miami is three times that of El Paso, Texas, which has one of the nation's largest immigrant populations

that makes his case (no Latino immigrants in Miami, you know).

Missing from this discussion is any consideration of the wage impact of mass immigration on the American Blue collar and Middle class – his masters benefit from the income redistribution this causes.

Even more critically, there is no discussion of whether Americans really want their nation to mutate into a Third World slum. That question is always taboo.

Snow caps his performance with the hallmark reference:

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes America's affection for the world's tired and poor, the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free."


Before someone razes Lady Liberty and decides to erect a wall to "protect" America from the world, shouldn't we at least spend a little time trying to get our facts straight?

Fact number 1: Snow’s Bosses want to transform America.

And Tony Snow is willing to hire them a face which "looks like America" to help them do it.

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