Tony Garza Opts to Remain in Mexico
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Tony Garza, who just finished a six-year stint as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, is no longer ambassador but he isn't returning to Texas. Instead, he's opted to remain in Mexico. According to Cox News Service
...Garza, a Brownsville native and former Texas railroad commissioner, [and Bush crony]is staying in Mexico City. After six years as U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Garza, once considered a rising superstar in the Texas Republican Party, has decided to enter the private sector in Mexico.[U.S. Ambassador To Mexico Will Leave Job, But Not Country, Jeremy Schwartz, , January 18th, 2009]
What will he do ?
Garza said he is weighing several projects in the legal and business fields, and also considering some public policy work. Although he plans to live in Mexico (while probably maintaining a house in Texas), Garza said he has no plans to pursue Mexican citizenship.
In the meantime I doubt Garza will be hurting for cash, however
...In 2005, he [Garza]married Modelo beer empire heiress Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala, one of the richest women in the hemisphere. The melding of political power and money only fueled more speculation about Garza’s future.
Now that his official ambassadorship is over, Garza is staying in Mexico. According to his own website, he calls himself an "U.S. Ambassador-At-Large". In the meantime, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico is being run by Leslie Bassett, Charg?© d’Affaires. It should be interesting to see who Obama installs as Ambassador to Mexico.
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