Tony Blair: Radical Islam Is the Worst Threat against Civilization
September 05, 2010, 09:50 PM
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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has recently published his memoir, A Journey, so he has been out and about for interviews and general book flacking.

One straight-forward opinion grabbed headlines, that �radical� Islam (there’s another kind?) is the biggest threat to mankind. For a former world leader, it’s a major statement that violates the elite doctrine to Say No Evil about Islam, even with the �radical� qualifier.

Radical Islam is world’s greatest threat – Tony Blair, BBC, September 3, 2010

Mr Blair told the BBC his view of foreign policy had changed as a result of the 9/11 attacks: �After 11 September, rightly or wrongly, I felt the calculus of risk had changed.

�There is the most enormous threat from the combination of this radical extreme movement and the fact that, if they could, they would use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

�You can’t take a risk with that happening.�

Mr Blair said he agonised over how to respond to radical Islam and still had doubts that he was right.

These are really difficult issues, he said, but added: �This extremism is so deep that in the end they have to know that they’re facing a stronger will than theirs.�

Yes, and the extremism is widespread, given the instruction of the Koran to slay the infidels when they will not submit to Islam.