Tommy Lee Jones And Real Aliens
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Tommy Lee Jones has made “an important new film”—yada, yada—that has won several awards for its “social importance”. It is titled The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

I had to share the below announcement found on the Tucson Sector Border Patrol Local 2544 Website.

For those like myself who are not regular movie [”film”?] buffs. [ The joke around La Casa King, Marietta is that the last movie I saw in a theatre was Shane. )

I have not seen Jones’ movie…but someone at the United States Border Patrol in Tucson has. Below are few remarks to Jones from the only Americans who stand between us and the millions in Mexico who want a better life here because for now, life is better here than in Mexico.


From the Border Patrol local Website:

“Tommy Lee Jones….has made the latest Border Patrol movie (hit piece). He portrays the Border Patrol as a bunch of murdering, bullying, thugs. The illegal alien in the movie is a “victim”. Hey Tommy Lee, why don’t you get your macho play-acting butt down here on patrol at the border and dodge some “real” rocks, bottles, and bullets for a few nights and then make another movie pal. We have “real” agents shot in the legs, crippled, and rehabbing after being brutalized by Mexican thugs and you make another cheap shot movie slamming Border Patrol agents. Read a “5 star” review of the movie here.”

I stumbled on this review from the Village Voice . Ain’t the internet grand?

You can thank the courageous people who guard our borders despite the hurdles presented by President Bush and the willing employers who he allows to violate several federal laws each day…here. [Send Local 2544 email]

Please do.


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