Tom Tancredo Notes Existence of Voter Fraud
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There is general alarm today from the mainstream press about the topic of voter fraud. The left media (which is to say most of it) doesn’t want voters to think the system is “rigged” as Donald Trump has charged, nor does the press want to be recognized for its supporting role of perpetrating fraud and thereby undermining representative government.

On Thursday, former Congressman and 2008 Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo sounded off with a pretty good rant with his agreement that Democrat voter fraud is indeed widespread and common.

TOM TANCREDO: “In fact, talking about the possibility of widespread voter fraud — it is a distinct possibility. It happens everywhere. It happened in my own election, it’s happened in Colorado over and over again. We have counties here that turned in more votes, Democrat counties that turned in more votes than there were people living in those counties. It’s happened on numerous occasions. We’ve had illegal aliens voting, and when a Republican poll watcher tried to challenge that, they were thrown out of the of the voting office.

And that’s just here: its massive, it’s all over the country. Well you know, there’s very few prosecutions — well right, yeah, that’s true. It’s because they don’t prosecute. It’s like how many people in New York get a ticket for jaywalking? Well not many probably, but how many jaywalk? Thousands, right, it’s because nobody does prosecute that you’ve got massive voter fraud. The reason why they fight like crazy to stop the voter ID requirement of a driver’s license is because they want voter fraud. There is no other reason. You and I both know it’s BS to say, well those people — it’s racist and they’d be upset. Oh my god, they’d have to go to their safe place and their quiet place, and we’d have to get them counseling because they were asked for a voter ID. Hogwash.”

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