Tom Daschle To Be Health Czar
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I'm not one of these history experts who reads books and stuff, but I have a vague impression that this whole "Czar" thing didn't work out so hot over in Russia (it was Russia, right?) So, how come Presidents are always appointing somebody to be Czar of this or that? Also, my general recollection going back to the first Energy Czar in about 1973 was that none of these Beltway Czars ever solved anything. So, as a public service to the Obama Administration, here are a list of fresher sounding job titles that they could use for Daschle in place of the shopworn and obviously doomed to failure term Health Czar:

Health Shogun Health Generalissimo Health Pharaoh Health Duce Health Shahinshah Health Mikado Health Grand Vizier Health Master and Commander Health Nabob Health Warlord Health Fuhrer Health Khan Health Big Brother Health Doge Health Galactic Overlord Health Potentate Health ??bermensch Health Grand Turk Health Humongous Health Rajah Health Paterfamilias Health Kaiser Health Kahuna Health Kommandant Health Big Man Health Ayatollah of Rockandrollah Health Cacique Health Imperator Health Poobah Health El Supremo Health Commissar Health Patroon Health Capo di Tutti Capi

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