Tom Ashcraft On Buchanan In The <em>Charlotte Observer</em>
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Tom Ashcraft has a good review of the Buchanan book in the Charlotte Observer:

But Buchanan marshals an array of evidence and arguments that something more sinister is going on: the elites versus the people; radical chic liberalism over wise tradition; the almighty dollar instead of American patriotism; wily Democrats outfoxing dim Republicans.At the heart of his case, Buchanan correctly holds that what makes us a country is not an American political creed, however important for our political institutions, but the ties of family and history, culture and language, soil and blood. He says, "A nation is organic; a nation is alive; a nation has a beating heart. A constitution does not create a nation. A nation writes a constitution that is the birth certificate of the nation already born in the hearts of its people."[Charlotte Observer | 09/02/2006 | The immigrant invasion

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