Told You So! Democrats Produce New Kavanaugh Hoaxer (Deborah Ramirez); Avenatti Claiming Worse, Grassley Must Hold Vote
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Six days ago, I half-joked that in their newest campaign to undo the 2016 election, by making it impossible for President Trump to seat another Supreme Court justice of his liking, Democrats were holding auditions for new sex hoaxers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Casting Call Announcement

Need 40-50 actresses, 49-53 years old, for roles as women whom #BrettKavanaugh raped during early 1980s. Must be available immediately, 24/7, be able to give heartbreaking, credible-sounding testimony under oath.

Send head shots, resume.

Deborah Ramirez is the second performer cast in the role of “victim of Brett Kavanaugh.”

At Fox News.

Even legendary reporter Byron York, not known for his light touch, is mocking the obvious hoax free-for-all.

“Trailing Ford and now Ramirez in Kavanaugh allegation race, Michael Avenatti plays catch-up. Gang rapes! That's it! Gang rapes! (Details TBA.)”

More “victims” are surely waiting in the wings.


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