Today's Mexifornia Skirmish
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In another sign of demographic warfare (and the election season), a rather ordinary statement from Gov. Schwarzenegger encouraging assimilation has caused an explosion of vitriol from the Hispanics who run Sacramento.

Here are the remarks that got their sombreros in a bunch...

Recalling his own experience emigrating from his native Austria, the Republican governor said immigrants should learn English and U.S. history and "make an effort to become part of America."

"That is very difficult for some people to do especially, I think, for Mexicans because they are so close to their country here so they try to stay Mexican but try to be in America, so there's this kind of back and forth," he said.

"What I'm saying to the Mexicans is you've got to go and immerse yourself and assimilate into the American culture, become part of the American fabric. That is how Americans will embrace you," he added. [Governor urges immigrants to assimilate into U.S. culture, AP 10/05/06]

Art "Last Gasp" Torres couldn't let that pass.

The Chairman of the California Democrat Party also weighed in. Art Torres said, "Governor Schwarzenegger has once again shown how out of touch he is with Californians. His comments were a calculated political insult to all immigrants." [Latinos Blast Schwarzenegger Over "Staying Mexican" Comment, News10 10/05/06]

In fact, it is Torres who is out of touch. Despite the rapid influx of millions of Hispanics into the state, the majority of voters still support the rule of law regarding immigration: around two-thirds disapprove of driver's licenses for illegal aliens, for example.

Citizens still believe in the melting pot, despite the abdication of the elites into globalism. A wake-up moment for many was the sight of a sea of Mexican flags in American streets last spring, as hundreds of thousands of lawless foreigners demanded US rights.

Incidentally, the Gov. is now paddling to the right after insulting pro-sovereignty voters in July by repudiating his support for Prop 187. Arnold can afford to refrain from kissing up to Mexicans, since the Democrat gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is down by 17 points in recent polling.

So it goes in Mexifornia politics, 2006.

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