Today in Projection: William Saletan Apologizes for Once Recognizing Race - by Comparing Republicans to ISIS
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William Saletan [Email him] once wrote an article at Slate in which he recognized the objective reality that racial differences exist and that they matter.  As you might expect, he is now obliged to spend the rest of his life apologizing for it.  Amazing how a few emails can change a writer's view of what is scientifically true or not.

As part of his eternal self-criticism, Saletan is trying to show he can be part of the insider crowd again by making his criticism of white Republicans more shrill and hysterical.

Again and again, Republicans demand to know why President Obama won’t name the enemy. They say he’s too forgiving, too afraid of ideological conflict, too reluctant to wage all-out war, too eager to find people of good will on the other side.
Maybe they’re right. Maybe he should come out and say it: The GOP is trying to destroy him.

[Go Ahead and Say It, Mr. President, Slate, February 25, 2015]

What an odd way to frame this column which is essentially just a complaint that the Republicans criticize Obama too much.  One always gets the impression with progressives that they are mad at Islamic terrorists because they keep screwing up the Narrative and distracting people from the real war with the white conservatives.  To paraphrase Truman, to liberals the war against the Islamic State is the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy.

This article comes at a time when Obama's Administration just released a report calling conservatives terrorists which it won't let the public see.


If we’re going to start calling out religious and political groups for extremism, we could start at home with Republicans. Too many of them spew animus. Too many foment sectarianism. Too many sit by, or make excuses, as others appeal to tribalism. If Obama were to treat them the way they say he should treat Islam—holding the entire faith accountable for its ugliest followers—they’d squeal nonstop about slander and demagogy. They’re lucky that’s not his style.

It's true.  The party of Sharpton, Gutierrez, and Holder would never stoop to tribalism and demagogy.

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