To KY-2cnd - Who is this Horror?
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Reading Ellison Lodge’s bracing advice to Rand Paul caused me to investigate. I have spent some time in Kentucky, a wonderful state which needs protection. While Rand Paul seems to be more alert than his father, who can be confident when the GOP Establishment gets to the trough?

Kentucky’s 2cnd District has apparently elected a Treason Lobby man. Congressman Brett Guthrie, in his first term, has turned in a whacking F- in the Numbers USA ranking. This happened simply because he failed to vote.

This is particularly annoying because his predecessor, Congressman Ron Lewis, a solid patriot who took the seat from the Democrats in 1974 after 129 years, had a career rating of A.

This area of Kentucky is one of the last in the nation to be damaged visibly by the immigration inundation. But its population suffers massively because of general blue collar wage erosion and because of illegal immigration-driven health cost inflation - which spreads nationally. Brett Guthrie has no excuse for not voting,

Why is Congressman Brett Guthrie so oblivious? Could it be that a West Point cadetship and acceptance into a Yale Master’s program inducted him so thoroughly into the East Coast elite that he never thinks about the peasants who elected him?

Does he simply not care about the future of our children (which, Googling around, he personally does not seem to have?)

Could we — Aaargh! — have another Lindsey Graham on our hands?

Can any readers explain?

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