"Tired? Poor? Huddled? Tempest-Tossed? Try Australia!"
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This picture (sorry about the bad iPhone snap, if anyone has a better scan, send it in) was the cover of the  June 22, 1992 issue of National Review. See Peter Brimelow’s “Time To Rethink Immigration”—The Twenty Year Anniversary Edition. As I wrote in the introduction to that piece when we republished it last month,

 John O'Sullivan devoted most of the June 22nd, 1992 National Review to this piece (14, 000 words). The cover featured a picture of the Statue Of Liberty with her hand up like a traffic cop and the words "Tired? Poor? Huddled? Tempest-Tossed? Try Australia.'' That wasn't popular with immigration enthusiasts.

A Google search for "Tempest-Tossed? Try Australia" brings up a number of interesting, mostly outraged reactions, from Hispanics...and a polite, but dubious reaction from an Australian.

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