TIME Magazine Names Its Hair of the Year
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Rather than black women purchasing their hair extensions from India, Assa Traore is teaching black women everywhere to purchase their hair extensions from the Mother Continent.

Traoré was born in January 1985 to a polygamous family, wherein her father had four wives.[9] She grew up with 17 siblings.[6] Her father, Mara-Siré Traoré, had emigrated from Mali at 17,[10] before marrying his respective wives, and dying of lung cancer in 1999,[11] due to his frequent exposure to asbestos.[12] The family lived in Beaumont-sur-Oise,[13] where Mara-Siré was a construction worker. Traoré once said that although French society is critical of polygamy, she had a very comfortable upbringing.[9]

I bet she did, courtesy of the French taxpayers.

Is the arrowhead pointing from Joe to Kamala tell us something about where we are headed?

How do a man and a woman form the singular Person of the Year? Time should have skipped Person of the Year and just gone for Pronoun of the Year: “They.”

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