Time For Rage: No Funding For Border Wall In Trump's 2018 Budget
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H/T pic snopes.com

Of the three big Inside-the-Beltway Immigration “Restraint” outfits I have always regarded FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform) as the least effective. as I discussed in FAIR On The SPLC: Nice Guys Get Smeared Some More.

Two qualifications should be made: FAIR is by far the best immigration restraint fundraiser. Also in 2014 FAIR’s Ira Mehlman was allowed to post (on another website) an attack on plutocrat  influence on immigration policy which I reported in: Kosher At Last: FAIR Breaks Taboo, Protests Big Donor Corruption Of GOP Leaders.

This key issue was not followed up.

Since Trump’s victory FAIR has for reasons interesting to contemplate become far more incisive. Their Press Release Mexico Must Be Paying for the Border Wall, Because It's Not In President Trump's 2018 Budget is invaluable.

"We can only assume that President Trump has struck a secret deal with Mexico to get them to pay for the border fence he promised, because funding for the project sure isn't in the budget proposal he sent to Congress," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "After yielding to Democratic obstructionists on funding for the fence in order to ensure passage of the omnibus spending bill earlier this month, the president implied that he would fight to ensure that adequate funding was included in the FY 2018 budget. Nothing in this budget proposal suggests that he is fighting very hard.”
Funding the Border fence is obviously going to involve a massive fight with No Borders and Cheap Labor elements in Congress. This is why I deplored the failure to utilize the Israeli Wall triumph as a great Photo Op: Did President Kushner Block Aging Father-in-Law Viewing Israel’s Wonderful Border Wall?

If Trump fails to at least try to deliver on the Wall the high white turnout which elected him in 2016 will reverse to 2012’s levels.

A Watergate 1974 catastrophe is not impossible.


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