Three Generations Of Dingells Is Enough
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Three weeks ago I mentioned the late Representative John Dingell, the longest-serving ever member of the House. He held his seat, representing suburban Detroit, for 59 years. Now his wife Debbie holds it. President Trump had a little spat with Debbie Dingell; that was the occasion of my comment.

I didn't know the half of the Dingell story. Before John Dingell held the seat, his Dad John, Sr. held it for 22 years. This has been a Dingell seat since 1933.

The Dingells are the American equivalent of hereditary aristocrats. They've done well by it, too: When Debbie took over the seat from John, Jr. in 2015, her net worth was $3.6 million. Where'd it all come from? Check out Daniel Greenfield's December 23rd piece at FrontPageMag. He gives all the grisly details.

After laying out some of the corruption and thuggery of the Dingell clan, Greenfield concludes that, quote:

America didn't need a single Dingell in her House. It certainly didn't need three.


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