Thomas Sowell On The Amnesty Threat: "Maybe There Are Just Too Many Clever GOP Consultants Inside The Beltway"
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Thomas Sowell's latest syndicated column says

Some supporters of President Obama may be worried about how he and the Democrats are going to fare politically, as the problems of ObamaCare continue to escalate, and it looks like the Republicans have a chance to win a majority in the Senate.

But Democrats may not need to worry so much. Republicans may once again come to the rescue of the Democrats, by discrediting themselves and snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory.

The latest bright idea among Republicans inside the Beltway is a new version of amnesty that is virtually certain to lose votes among the Republican base and is unlikely to gain many votes among the Hispanics that the Republican leadership is courting.

One of the enduring political mysteries is how the Republicans can be so successful in winning governorships and control of state legislatures, while failing to make much headway in Washington. Maybe there are just too many clever GOP consultants inside the Beltway.[Republicans to the Rescue?, February 4, 2014]

Bingo! Whom the gods would destroy, they first send consultants.

Sowell's column displays an economist's point of view on the benefits that the illegals have stolen by coming to America illegally and that the GOP leadership want to give them title to:

Listening to discussions of immigration laws and proposals to reform them is like listening to something out of "Alice in Wonderland."

Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them. One of the big problems that those who are pushing "comprehensive immigration reform" want solved is how to help people who came here illegally and are now "living in the shadows" as a result.

What about embezzlers or burglars who are "living in the shadows" in fear that someone will discover their crimes? Why not "reform" the laws against embezzlement or burglary, so that such people can also come out of the shadows?

Almost everyone seems to think that we need to solve the problem of the children of illegal immigrants, because these children are here "through no fault of their own." Do people who say that have any idea how many millions of children are living in dire poverty in India, Africa or other places "through no fault of their own," and would be better off living in the United States?

Do all children have some inherent right to live in America if they have done nothing wrong? If not, then why should the children of illegal immigrants have such a right?

Sowell's 1997 book Migrations And Cultures: A World View is unusual in that it points out that immigrants all come with baggage, in the form of cultural differences.

He compared the worldwide migratory experiences of Chinese, Germans, Indians, Italians, Japanese and Jews, and found that what their cultures tended to persist wherever they went. He didn't cover Mexican emigration, because it's not a world wide phenomenon—America's experience with Mexicans is unique.

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