This Sunday on CNN…What is Maria Hinojosa Up To Now?
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On October 17, 2004 CNN Presents aired Immigrant Nation: Divided Country, a one-hour documentary about the ongoing illegal immigration crisis. 

The documentary focused on my state of Georgia. It will re-air this Sunday, January 2, 2005 at 8:00 PM Eastern time. 

I am told that Maria Hinojosa, CNN's choice for correspondent on the production, has taped an alternate and updated Epilogue. VDARE.COM's Allan Wall has been interviewed!

For those of us who were involved in the documentary, and know Hinojosa, the new ending is a matter of great interest.

Surprise us Maria

Still, by watching, the viewer can put a face on the criminal employers who are openly hiring the millions of illegal aliens invading our nation.

For example, there's John Dillard who operates the Dillard House resort in Dillard, Georgia.

As calculated by my friend Joe Guzzardi in November, based on the payroll facts provided by CNN PRESENTS, assuming a 60 hour work week, Dillard pays his illegal alien "assistant food and beverage manager" about $6.00 an hour - using a known fraudulent Social Security number

John Dillard deserves some attention. Email him or call 800-541-0671…toll free!

We at the American Resistance Foundation are more than happy to offer some more contact information for use after the CNN show this Sunday!

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