This Saturday, Celebrate International Galton Day
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February 13, 2013, 02:54 PM
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Galton figured out for Scotland
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As part of the ongoing canonization of Charles Darwin as the semi-divine saint of secularism, there is a movement to celebrate February 12 each year (the date he was born in 1809) as International Darwin Day in order to stick it to Creationists.

Darwin`s half-cousin Francis Galton, who extended Darwin`s work in a remarkable variety of ways, including developing key elements of statistical theory, was born 13 years and 4 days later on February 16, 1822.

While Darwin`s image is increasingly sacrosanct, Galton is increasingly demonized as the scapegoat to carry all the sins associated with Darwinism.

In reality, neither man was a saint nor a devil. They are far more similar than different, both admirable representatives of Victorian Liberal culture.

So, I`ll be raising a toast on Saturday to Sir Francis.