This Just In from the Ivory Tower...
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Sometimes you have to wonder about what kind of swamp gas the professorial elite are breathing in the upper altitudes of academe...

Example: Sunday's review of the new book Game Change in the Washington Post had a jaw dropper of an aside, tossed off by Prof. Alan Wolfe (of Boston College).

At one particularly inane moment during the debates, for instance, Hillary Rodham Clinton found herself being grilled over whether illegal immigrants ought to have New York driver's licenses. Compared with terrorism or the coming economic catastrophe, this was not the most burning question. The media focus on this kind of issue is precisely what the liberal bloggers gripe about; surely, they insist, our politics does not have to be this trivial.
Trivial? Accurate identification is trivial?

In fact, secure identification is a first line of defense against terrorism, and drivers' licenses serve the ID function in America. In today's dangerous world, authorities need to know who people really are.

The 9/11 Commission listed dependable ID as one of its recommendations for improving national security.

Memory assist: 9/11 hijackers Hani Hanjour and Nawaf al Hazmi were both unlawfully present in the United States when they obtained drivers' licenses which permitted them to board the airplanes they used as weapons.

Therefore we friends of sovereignty regard drivers' licenses as non-trivial and quite an appropriate topic for Presidential debates.

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