Obama's Haitian Aid: Amnesty - and more immigration?
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True to the war-cry of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, the Obama administration is not letting the Haitian crisis go to waste. It has seized the opportunity to grant amnesty to the substantial quantity of illegal Haitian immigrants in this country, including those already caught and slated for deportation.

(Technically, they have been granted Temporary Protected Status - TPS. As Juan Mann demonstrated for VDARE.com readers years ago, this program is essentially a fraud. As Mark Krikorian is quoted as saying in The Christian Science Monitor this evening:

 "As far as I've been able to determine, not a single person who has ever been granted this 'temporary' status has later been deported."

TPS: Haiti's illegal immigrants given temporary protection in US By Mike Farrell January 15, 2010)

There is, of course, absolutely no reason to alter the legal status of the large number of Haitians who have stolen residence in this country, even if some actual deportations have to be delayed. But Obama made it plain on the campaign trail that he wanted to import more Haitians.

Since nowhere except VDARE.com will have the steel to say it, I will: the problem Port au Prince has tonight is not the earthquake but the fact that it is filled with Haitians. Of course none here will want to go back: but creating little Haitis in US cities solves nothing (except Democratic electoral problems).

The Open borders crowd is celebrating (at least the bone- headed cheer leader at The Wall Street Journal was honest: Haitian Amnesty January 16 2009). But they hope to do even better while the sentimental orgy rolls on: import more!

Operation Pierre Pan May Start at Miami Hospitals By Todd Wright nbcmiami.com Fri, Jan 15,2010

Some of Haiti's most fragile - its children - have arrived at Miami area hospitals and for a few, Miami may become their new home. So far, 23 patients from the earthquake have been treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital, with countless more likely to be airlifted from the island for treatment. Florida Sen. Bill Nelson has contacted all the children's hospitals in Florida and requested that they receive critically injured Haitian children in the aftermath of the earthquake.

School Districts Preparing For Possible Influx Of Haitian Students cfnews13.com Reported by Kelli Cook January 15, 2010

ORLANDO — Haiti's massive earthquake has left millions of its residents looking for a place to call home. Gov. Charlie Crist seems confident the state of Florida is prepared to take in a sudden influx of Haitian refugees and U.S. citizens living in Haiti... the Catholic Church in Miami is formulating a plan to bring Haitian refugees to South Florida.


Unless Patriots react, this threatens to be the start of a major invasion.

A modest proposal: after Katrina, families from my local Sacred Heart School took girls from the New Orleans Sacred Heart into their homes for the school year. Let all these Haitian import enthusiasts tell us how many of these profoundly dysfunctional people they themselves will be accommodating, rather than dumping them on the American people as a whole!

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