This ICE Employee Must Be A Short Timer
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There's a notable quote from a Seattle employee of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in an article ("Feds told of foreign-born jail inmates," Salem, OR, Statesman Journal, September 16, 2007) about local/fed enforcement cooperation in Marion County, Oregon. Introducing Lorie Dankers, who probably has no future with ICE, as she hasn't learned to obfuscate:

"The main goal of the program is to deport immigrants, both illegal and legal, who are judged a danger to society, ICE Seattle office spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said. Agents interview the suspects once notified by local police, and then decide whether a detainer should be placed against them.

"'Being in the country illegally is also a crime, but our goal is really to focus on public safety,' Dankers said. 'People who are legal, permanent residents here are still guests in this country, and they must adhere to the laws of this country.'"

Of course the straightforward statement that "Being in the country illegally is also a crime" shouldn't be notable. But, alas, in our mad times, it is.

One of the online commenters at the article (Stephen, at 11:02 a.m., September 16) adds something interesting (click on through to the first full page of comments). After confessing his status as a refugee from California and revealing his forebodings about Oregon's future under the invasion, he writes:

"On a last note, I check news, and I have a police scanner. I dont care WHAT the statistics are, all I hear and see ALL the time is hispanic names over my scanner and hispanic crime in the news. Scanners only cost $100 if you dont believe me, and I will give you the channels to program in. The police force is quite busy to say the least."

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