SacBee Won't Describe Suspects In Murder Of Father And Baby
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This is a horrifying story of a murder:

A day after a double homicide took the lives of a 7-month old baby and his young father, detectives announced the unthinkable Saturday: the infant had not been accidentally caught in gunfire but was intentionally shot, execution-style, in his car seat.

Seconds after shooting down 21-year-old Sean Paul Aquitania during a suspected home-invasion robbery in southeast Sacramento County Friday afternoon, two suspects fled the house, authorities believe. They stopped just long enough at Aquitania's Chevrolet Malibu to fire a single bullet into the head of the man's infant son, Sean Paul Jr., before disappearing.

By Saturday, the suspects had not been located.

If the suspects hadn't been located, the paper can help the public by printing their description, can't it?

They've offered little description of the two suspects — one of whom reportedly was wearing a black, hooded sweat shirt, the other, a green shirt and a green Oakland A's hat.News - Baby's killing shocks, angers By Kim Minugh, Sacramento Bee,September 16, 2007

The same story, from the local TV news station: - Friends of Double Murder Victims Speak Out Authorities said the one of the attackers was reportedly an African American wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, while the second man was described as Hispanic and wearing a green shirt and a green Oakland A's hat.

Both reporters presumably received the same description from the police. It's just that the Sacramento Bee wouldn't print it.

Just for the record, the Sacramento Bee's values include

  • Journalistic commitment to the public interest.
  • Integrity in journalism and business.
  • Performance and accountability.

Oh, and let's not forget

  • Strength through diversity.
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