They Said It Anyway—"Arizona Primary Signals Softening On Immigration"—Not!
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You remember I said below that if Romney—the most pro-enforcement GOP candidate—had lost Arizona, people would have been saying it meant immigration was a losing issue? Well, they said it anyway. By the way, why is there a "Republican-funded Hispanic Leadership Network"?

Arizona primary signals softening on immigration

by Paul Davenport - Feb. 29, 2012 04:43 PM
Associated Press

Arizona voters for the second time in four months have signaled an apparent softening in their hardline stance against illegal immigration, a trend that could change the tone of debate on the topic as presidential candidates head into the general election.

Exit poll results showing the issue has dropped in importance among GOP voters should send Republicans a message that immigration is an issue "they should tread lightly with," said Jill Hanauer, a former Democratic strategist and founder of Project New America, a Denver-based research group.

But Jennifer Korn, executive director of the Republican-funded Hispanic Leadership Network, said the topic likely will still dominate political debate during the general election.

"It will still be an issue because President Obama has now said Arizona is on the map for (Democrats), and they have offices already open," Korn said. "Even though I don't think it will become a swing state, it will make the Republican candidate have to spend more money and time ... especially engaging the Hispanic community to make sure they are not turned off by their position."


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