They're Not "Sanctuary" Cities. They're FUGITIVE Cities.
March 09, 2018, 06:16 PM
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A person who has been very important in the struggle for patriotic immigration reform (aka "immigration sanity") but who must remain anonymous included me on an email earlier today.  Here's what said person wrote (with a few editorial tweaks and added emphases by me):
Let’s reclaim the narrative and take the moral high ground. We must stop adhering to the Left’s playbook.
So: Not "sanctuary cities."  Instead ....
Fugitive cities.
Fugitive cities.
Fugitive cities.
Start using this term all the time: "Fugitive" instead of the Radical Left’s term "Sanctuary."
Take the high ground. Spread the word.  In print, in radio, on the internet, in blogs, on TV

Fugitive Cities 

Go for it!
I'd already started using the term "renegade cities," myself.