Radio Derb: Korea, Russia And California—Trump Can Handle Them All (11 Items)
March 09, 2018, 08:04 PM
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02m02s — Norks act nice. (What's the game?)

09m57s — Russia regresses. (A spook, a speech.)

17m57s — Jeff deploys the ascending impulsive. (Faster, please, General.)

23m27s — Justice vs. order. (How long shall we put up with Antifa?)

33m18s — Italy swings populist. (Just don't try to understand the system.)

34m56s — Oscars, zzzzzz. (Vagabonds and strumpets.)

35m54s — Transracialism in South Africa. (Yellow is the new black.)

37m08s — A childhood hero passes. (Goodnight, good knight.)

38m21s — The thing we least want to think about. (But it will happen.)

40m41s — In praise of Jordan Peterson. (He's not just a dissident.)

42m34s — A clown tries politics. (He quits in disgust.)

44m39s — Signoff. (How long, O Lord?)