They Don't Do Flash Mobs Like This in Philly! Invisible People Attack Shopping Mall Food Court!
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This flash mob of the 80-member strong Chorus Niagara performed the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s Messiah on November 13, 2010 in Welland, Ontario which, the food court suggests, is a very non-diverse place.

By “Friday night” (i.e., Christmas Eve), the video had set a new record at YouTube, getting 26.2 million hits, and has since surpassed 28 million hits. Previous flash mob performances “had taken months” to reach 25 million hits.

Indeed, the food court is representative of the city’s 49,895 residents. According to Statistics Canada’s Census Division, as of 2005, the city of Welland had 48,895 residents, 48,050 of whom were “Not a visible minority,” i.e., 96.1 percent of the population.

“Not a visible minority
“Includes respondents who reported 'Yes' to the Aboriginal identity question (Question 18) as well as respondents who were not considered to be members of a visible minority group.”

I’m sure the Canadian Indians, who are very angry these days, can’t be happy about being lumped in with the palefaces.

“Aboriginal” means,

“Aboriginal identity population
“Included in the Aboriginal identity population are those persons who reported identifying with at least one Aboriginal group, that is, North American Indian, Métis or Inuit, and/or those who reported being a Treaty Indian or a Registered Indian, as defined by the 
Indian Act of Canada, and/or those who reported they were members of an Indian band or First Nation.”

(Department of Redundancy Department alert: In Canada, “Indian band” and “First Nation” are synonyms.)
According to the page for Welland, the bureaucrats at Statistics Canada/Census Division do not recognize whites. They recognize the following categories of residents:

“Total visible minority population”
“South Asian”
“Latin American”
“Southeast Asian”
“West Asian”
“Visible minority, n.i.e. 89”
“Multiple visible minority 90”
“Not a visible minority 91”

Just to be sure that I wasn’t overlooking all those colorless people, I did a word search on the page for “white” and “Caucasian,” and got “Text not found” in both cases.

Going over the page again, I found the entry, “Aboriginal identity population 50,” which totals 1,185 people. Subtracting 1,185 from 48,050 leaves 46,865, i.e., 93.9 percent. Thus, 93.9 percent of the residents of Welland, Ontario are invisible to the folks at Statistics Canada/Census Division.

That’s a perfect expression of the management of a captive white population by a multicultural government.

Had Chorus Niagara attempted to give the same performance in a “diverse” mall, say in Chicago,PhiladelphiaBaltimore, Cleveland, Memphis,IndianapolisBuffaloRochester, Camden, Kansas City, or in or near St. Louis, they would likely have been shut down by harassment, loud disruptions, and violence. You can have “diversity,” or you can have beautiful, exhilarating, yet gentle moments like this.

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