The War on Christmas is a War on Christians, and It's Working
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Decades of anti-Christian propaganda having its intended effect.
Three-quarters of American adults identify as Christian, down 5 percent from 2008, according to a new survey released on Thursday...

Religious affiliation is lowest among young Americans. While rates of Christianity among those 50 and older are above 80 percent, only 62 percent of those 18 to 24 say they are Christian, compared to 31 percent who say they have no religion.

[Poll: Percentage of Christians in US slips, The Hill, December 24, 2015]

This is not just a function of theology. It's a function of demographics and institutional failure. Many mainline Christian churches are more interested in shilling for random left wing political causes than preaching and defending the Christian faith. And the Main Stream Media's fanatical hostility towards Christians (combined with the suspiciously positive coverage on Islam) is undoubtedly having an effect..

Even the most mild recognition of Christianity's role in the West leads to heavy criticism. For example, David Cameron, hardly a Defender of the Faith, made a recognition of the United Kingdom as a "Christian country" in his address. Naturally, he was using Christianity as an explanation of why the country was a good home for people of "all religions" [Reflect on Christian values, David Cameron says in Christmas message, BBC, December 24, 2015]. But this still wasn't good enough. Indeed, it's an opportunity for the mainline churches (who are increasingly just government welfare programs cloaked in spiritualism) to bash the Tories for not spending enough money [8 times religious leaders didn't think David Cameron's policies were very Christian, by Jon Stone, UK Telegraph, December 24, 2015].

The social gospel won't save Christianity. Nor will more "outreach." Christianity will be saved when the churches once again serve as the moral and spiritual support network of the European peoples. If they continue down their current path, it won't be surprise when the West of the future turns to atheism and then Islam.





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